CRM 2015 : How to customize Cross-entity search results view

If you want to change the fields shown in the cross-entity search results, here is all you need to know:


cross-search results view


-For each entity the result view can show only 3 fields and….

-Those are exactly the 3 first fields on the Quick Search View...

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How to use cross-entity searching and set new searchable entities

One of the major and most interesting updates in the latest Dynamics CRM version (2015) is the cross-entity searching functionality which allows user to search records in multiple entities.

search here

cross search

By default there are only some entities to search, you can easily add other entities. All you need is to set it by navigating to Settings/Administration/System Settings then click the button “Select” next to Select entities to search as shown below.

select entities to search

add entities

Hope you find it helpful!