Dynamics CRM 9.0 : Multi Choice field

Dynamics CRM 9.0 is here and finally we got a very useful feature we as consultants and ISVs have always wanted to have.

A new type of field has been added which allows now users to have a multi selection optionset as you can see in the following screenshot. It can either be local or global just like ordinary Optionsets.

Note: getting the field value using javascript getAttribute method will return values separated by comma (ex: 1000001,1000002,1000003)











Interact with business process flows with Xrm.Page.data.process object

Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1 offers a new interesting capability. You can now interact diretcly without trying to get the process ID as we used to do in the previous versions. So the magic object is Xrm.Page.data.process

It allows you to get the current process by using ActiveProcess method or the active stage by using ActiveStage method. There are many amazing other methods that can be very useful. I invite you to try them, here is where you can find all of these methods: https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/dn817878.aspx


Hope you like it!





Hide subgrid add button (+)

For some user experience issues, sometimes you may want to hide the + button on a subgrid. This is how to proceed:

If not already done, download JQuery and add it to your webresources then add the following HTML code as a webresource in the form containing your subgrid.


<script src=”/webresources/new_Jquery.js”></script>
$( document ).ready(function() {
if (parent.document.getElementById(“subgridname_contextualButtonsContainer”) != null ) {



Where subgridname must be replaced by your subgrid name.

IMPORTANT: Hiding the + button does not mean users cannot create new records, allowing or forbidding users to create new records should necessary be configured in their security roles.