How to Change Standard Chart Colours

Have you already wondered how to change Dynamics CRM standard chart colours? You may wish to change these standard colours automatically attributed to charts. So this is possible and can be done by editing the chart XML file after exporting it.

The only thing you need to understand before starting to edit this file is that Dynamics CRM uses RGB Colour Code (More information here

Now open your exported chart in any code editor and go to the Chart tag as shown below. The attribute PaletteCustomColors contains a range of default colours used by Dynamics CRM in the order. For example the first one is “91,151,213” which is blue (you can enter this code in the website given above to get the associated colour), and the second one “237,125,49” is orange. So if you want to change colours you only have to select a specific colour to get its RGB code and then replace the one you don’t want to see in your charts by the new colour.

Once colours selected and file updated you can now reimport the file and see the result with the new colours you have chosen!




How to turn Dynamics CRM charts into 3D

Charts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM are by default built in 2D. While working on a sales pipeline for example, you may want to see a chart representing it in 3D instead of 2D. This post gives the answer, and it is not easy at all.

First try to export your chart. This export generates the associated XML file.




Once your XML file is exported, look for the tag <Area3DStyle> and change its attribute “Enable3D” from false to true.