Schedule your UCI transition date

If you are still using the Dynamics 365 old legacy client app and want to know when and how to switch to the new Unified Interface here's a quick guide to do it. First of all Unified Client Interface also known as UCI is a web responsive interface which provides the same user experience regardeless … Continue reading Schedule your UCI transition date

Enhance Data Deduplication with alternate keys

Alternate keys can be used for data integration purposes as well as deduplication and uniqueness validation. This post makes a special focus only on how adding an alternante key can help you keep your Customer Engagement instance data clean and avoid duplicates. Deduplication with duplicate detection rules vs alternate keys Duplicate detection rules is an … Continue reading Enhance Data Deduplication with alternate keys

[D365] How to create an alternate key

This post will show you how to quickly create an alternate key. If you want to know more about alternate keys please check out this post. First you should open your customizations (either default solution or a dedicated solution that contains your customizations) and go to the entity where you want to create an alternate … Continue reading [D365] How to create an alternate key