Schedule your UCI transition date

If you are still using the Dynamics 365 old legacy client app and want to know when and how to switch to the new Unified Interface here’s a quick guide to do it.

First of all Unified Client Interface also known as UCI is a web responsive interface which provides the same user experience regardeless of the devices you may use to access the app, this includes Mobile App, Web app and also Dynamics 365 app for Outlook. The new interface gives a much better user experience than the legacy app.

You have until December 1, 2020 which is the deadline to move to the UCI. Here’s how to schedule the transition if you didn’t do it yet:

Open the following url which is the Unified Interface Transition Portal. You can find all your tenant environments by clicking on My Environments Button as shown in the following screenshot.


All your tenant environments are listed and you can pick the instance for which you want to change the transition date by clicking on the environment friendly name.



Once an environment is chosen, you can see all its details and click on “Schedule Transition Date” button which will open a popup asking your to enter your transition date and some other details before submitting.



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