CRM2016 : Use DELVE to get relevant trends

One of the most amazign features of the latest version of MS CRM is that actually you can integrate Delve into your dashboards in order to get the relevant trends and documents. If you have already used Delve with O365 pack, you would have an idea about it. If you don’t let’s say that it’s like a search engine that automatically pushes content according to what seems to be relevant for you.

To add it to a dashboard, first of all you should check these prerequisites :

  • Delve is available for Dynamics CRM Online 2016 only
  • You should have an Office365 subscription or a subscription to an online service such as SharePoint or Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Enable Server-side synchronisation (Check it in Dynamics CRM Settings==>Document Management==>Enable Server-Based SharePoint Integration) and have at least one active SharePoint site.

Afterwards you could enable Delve by navigationg to Settings==>Document Management ==>Manage Office Graph Integration




Once you’ve checked Enable Office Graph Integration checkbox you go to your dashboards to add a new Delve Component.




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